Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hi to one and all, sorry about the delay in blogging but with all this new found energy I have been so busy I got side tracked.
Well what can I say Sunday was a great day but then again a little sad as well, its funny when something is finished and you look back and think if only I had done this, the outcome would have been a little better or if I had put in more effort I could have got there faster. If only I had another chance I could do better but now with what I have learned from this challenge I have the rest of my life to improve on my efforts so I have many people to thank for that. The new year new you challenge has hi lighted so many of my weaknesses and my strengths not only physically and I would have to say that it does make you realise how far you can push yourself when you are asked so politely to do so.
I am very happy with my results having lost 11.4kg in the eight weeks, but happier with my overall fitness levels. I can truthfully say that I never would have achieved this outcome on my own without body4u. It makes you realise that you are capable of so much and is certainly the catalyst to do more with my life.
But as I said before I have a lot of people to thank for the results that I have achieved firstly Natalie as she did put up with a lot of complaining to start with and supported me with my food and many other things along the way. Then there is Amanda who has been very good to me in a harsh sort of way but the hard work and extra time that she put in was very much appreciated. Darren and Richard for firstly a bit of male company and nothing like having a good photographer ever present. Now Angie "miss not so scary" who's twisted mind thought up all those challenges along the way, thank you for making it interesting and fun, I hope that you enjoyed the banter as much as I did and will miss our pleasant Sunday morning get together. To the rest of the team at body4u thanks for all the friendly and professional support through out the challenge. I would recommend this challenge to anyone who is looking to improve their overall health and lifestyle.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday night and just finished at the gym and yes read Angie's blog.
Well what can I say but I lied about the height thing sorry.
So in return and seeing its the last Sunday for the challenge, and how dedicated you are to your clients I am certain when I ring you at 5.30am next Sunday morning you will happily come out and play:-)
Now Bring it on.
Will have to write one more blog after Sunday.
C u then.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday and feeling tired today must not have drunk enough water yesterday. My PT with Amanda this morning seemed rather hard but I recovered OK.
Tonight I have fit key and then on the home run to Sunday.
I am starting to think now as this challenge is coming to an end that the bigger challenge is to sustain what I have achieved if not improve on it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yahoo it's Wednesday and feeling great (except for my left calf and sore back) and full of energy. Yesterday I went for a one and a half hour walk in the morning and I feel heaps better after a massage last night.
This mornings boot camp was good a little different, which as they say variety is the spice of life.
Wearing my old jeans to work today so that means I have dropped two pant sizes plus they are not tight even better.
No touch football tonight so will try to do a run instead.
Enjoy the day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hey Tuesday already how time flies when your fit and feeling good.
Had my PT with Amanda last night and feeling alright but my legs were a little sore still and luckily Amanda did not pick on them to much after the session I stayed and done a few weights to help and make up for Saturday,
Then later that night I played touch, but by then my legs were starting to get sore again.
This morning I went for a 1 hr 30min walk and this helped stretch them out and feel quite good at the moment.
Looking forward to boot camp in the morning.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ah Monday and how good is this week going to be (once my legs stop hurting) almost a little sad that it was not a longer challenge but so far I am happy with the results.
On the weekend I had some pressing social engagements that stunted my training capabilities a little, but to my surprise my trainers were there to support me, talk about going above the call of duty, it was also good to see that they too were doing some research into how different substances can alter your training results, well done to all that participated.
Due to the research that I had done on Friday night I decided to rest for the day as I knew that Sunday would be a big morning and I was not disappointed.
Yes a beautiful day three of us all at the gym waiting eagerly to begin but where was Angie? Me being the kind and motivating person I am, I send her a quick text to check and sure enough Angie is soon with us beaming with enthusiasm.
I must say the walk run to Manly was a good work out, though I would have liked to run up Sleath Street a couple of more times just to loosen up a little first but then again I did not want to make us any later than we already were as I was not certain of the time schedule.
It is amazing how many hills there are between Cleveland and Manly when you are not in a car I must admit all was going well until a cramp in my calf, but to Angie's credit she was prepared with a pain killer and off we go again. All in all a good outing, was a little tired from the heat and the huge head winds that we faced but apart from that finished very refreshed and enthusiastic awaiting a well deserved breakfast and coffee.
This morning at John's circuit class I definitely knew I had been on a run but as I said this is the last week and I am feeling good and hopefully train harder this week than any before and try to drop some more weight before the final weigh in. It is a good feeling to actually be in the physical condition to achieve this so all I can say is bring it on.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hi, Thursday and starting to feel good again thanks to a massage I think, even though I am feeling tired during the day I have really noticed my fitness and energy levels increasing. Certain exercises that used to really hurt I am now thinking aren't that bad and my recovery time is getting quicker. Both boot camp yesterday and this morning at Amanda's PT even though it was hard I still felt pretty good soon after, so either I am getting fitter or....... no lets just leave it at that otherwise I will get myself in big trouble.
Glad to see I can be of benefit with your ab workout Angie, that's the type of giving person I am:-)
Looking forward to the weekend to see what fun activities we are doing only two to go now.
Off to fit key tonight and then the usual spin class in the morning, have a wedding tomorrow so that's another test in it's self, will not being going to the Friday night losers club so will have to do a back up session on either Saturday or Sunday to make up for it unless the Sunday morning workout is really tough, but I doubt that :-)
Enjoy the day.